IT Hardware & Software Solutions

Computers, phones and personal device purchase and setup

For your office staff, the laptop, desktop computer or tablet is their primary business tool, and can make or break their productivity. Investing in the wrong devices can be a waste of time and money, or become an endless source of headaches, stress and inefficiency.

Choosing the right devices for your staff shouldn’t be left to chance. Let RU Online guide you through this process, help you choose devices in line with your business strategy and requirements, and get it right the first time.

We can supply hardware and set it up for your staff, making sure it’s optimised for their needs and abilities.

Ongoing device maintenance

New computers are nearly always nice and fast, but there’s nothing worse than the lagging and glitching of an old computer that needs a clean out.

All computer devices will lose performance as they age. That’s why it’s important to keep on top of things with regular maintenance, to keep it updated and iron out the little bugs and glitches that accumulate with these updates and changes.

RU Online will keep your computers running like new, well into old age, and we’ll advise when it is finally to retire your old devices.

Onsite server management

If you have an onsite server hosting your business processes, it’s critical that it’s kept running smoothly. An unexpected server failure can result in days of downtime for your business, and potentially the permanent loss of critical and client-sensitive data.

RU Online are experts in the installation and maintenance of onsite servers, so let us worry about your server management. We’ll keep your server optimised for performance and uptime, and keep it running smoothly in the background.

Custom software support for your business needs

Whether it’s accounting packages, real estate client portals, or general advice for your business laptops, we can help you choose the right software packages for your business, deploy it across your business complete with in-house staff training when necessary, and guide you through the teething process with ongoing support and management.