Connectivity Solutions

Keep your team always connected and up to date across devices, wherever they go

Phone System (Mobile & VoIP)

Use the right phone system to unify your communications, allow remote access work and connect your offices.

RU Online can help implement a seamless, unified business phone solution, to help improve collaboration, boost productivity and mobility, and create a more professional experience for your customers.


Your email system is integral to the smooth running of your business, and you need seamless access to it across your devices.

RU Online can help assess the strengths and weaknesses of your email system, and help you implement a cost effective solution utilising the latest technology.

Large mailboxes, cloud storage, reliable servers, and automated backup are all benefits of using one of our email solutions.

Wireless Solutions (Internet & Network)

Let RU Online research, implement and manage the best internet connection for your business, to give your team high connection speeds and without downtime. Through our expertise and connections, we’re always well informed on the best service providers and infrastructure in your area, so you’re getting the best service available.

For infrastructure upgrades or office relocations, we’ll help guide you through the entire process without the jargon, to make the transition quick, smooth and painless.

Working Remotely

Flexible workplaces are great for improving employee productivity and wellbeing. RU Online are experts at setting up remote access systems, allowing you to offer flexible workplace arrangements to your employees.

Studies have shown time and time again the benefits of flexible workplaces for your employees. By moving your business to the cloud, you open up a world of possibilities for cost-effective remote access solutions.

RU Online can help implement a remote access system that will allow your employees to work from anywhere, with minimal fuss, fast, reliable connection speeds, simple interfaces, and a smooth transition.