Promoting brands through SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the best marketing strategy nowadays. It is the fastest way since it has a wider audience. Other than that, there are various platforms in optimizing products in social media. It can be videos, blogs, podcasts, forums, and anything under social media. Today, people often use their time on social media. That is why it is a great marketing idea to start promoting brands on this platform. But beforehand, you will need help from professionals. SMO is not as easy as it seems, specifically, if you are doing it all by yourself. It will be tiring and not that effective. On the other hand, for effective solutions, hire one of these best SMO companies Australia. 

Megaphone Marketing

Megaphone Marketing always ensures that the clients are getting the best results in their businesses each day. That is the main goal of the company. No doubt, there are a lot of people trusting Megaphone Marketing. Well, other than that, they are always using creativity and intellectual strategies to optimize the business effectively. That is the reason behind their success – through creativity and intellectual strategies. 

Hence, these are the following services they are using in SMO: 

  • Facebook Advertising 
  • Instagram Advertising 
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Advertising 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Lead Generation 


Farsiight is consists of CRO experts, Paid Social, and a team of PPC. It drives high-intent traffic on different platforms, including social media. However, there are certain benefits to hiring Farsiight. These are customized reporting, on-point of contract, competitive pricing, and more. If you are interested, here are the services they are offering: 

  • Pay Per Click
  • Paid Social Advertising 
  • Landing Pages 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Sales Enablement 

RU Online

RU Online is one of the well-trusted SMO companies in Australia, and award-winning too. In fact, it is not only for SMO. It also creates websites to increase the sales of businesses. On the other hand, it offers various services that provide the business with a top-ranking SEO. Hence, these are the other services they offer: 

  • SEO 
  • Drive Traffic 
  • Web Design and Development 
  • Web Hosting 
  • Business IT Solutions 
  • Emails and Add-ons 

Attention Experts

Attention Experts is one of the prominent SMO agencies in Australia. In fact, it is considered as a 100% transparent, award-winning, and highly rated company. 

They believe that the social media campaign is not just all about likes, shares, and comments. But it is also all about enhancing the database and creating touchpoints. Attention Experts are truly experts at handling social media campaigns. They know the best strategies on how to get more sales with these platforms. 

These are the following services of Attention Experts: 

  • Social Media Strategy Campaigns 
  • Content Management and Strategy 
  • Website Optimization 


These are the following companies you could hire for optimizing the brands in social media. However, all of these are well-trusted and reliable agencies. All of these offer high-quality services. Therefore, you will never regret hiring one. In fact, it is much easier to hire companies in optimizing and promoting brands through social media. It is easier, faster, and convenient. It ensures that you will get the best results with these best SMO companies Australia.